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Our first very special visitors
June 30, 2011, 2:36 pm
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Sam’s parents made the big trip to visit us here. They left last week after a 3 week visit and we miss them!! Truly. We did so much and they were incredibly gracious in giving me time to myself and Sam and I time together. AND, they took a trip weekend trip to Switzerland. How cool is that.

We did our best to show the sites of London and Meema and Papa certainly got a crash course in parenting 2 kids in the city…including me getting sick, Coltan getting sick, Leo refusing to go to bed, Coltan getting tonsilitis, and Leo’s very first steps! It was a great time!

Big Ben:

eating dinner on the steps at Trafalgar Square…

The Notting Hill Bookshop

Westminster Abbey

Lots of play and love…

parks and playgrounds…


Greenwhich…(Tom and Susan stradling the Prime Meridian)

This is the day when Coltan got sick 😦 I love this picture for some reason. Sweet Leo just passed out back there.

Susan and I even took time to have tea together at the Kensington Palace Orangerie. We couldn’t believe it was the first meal we’ve shared just the two of us in 8+ years of knowing each other!! Long overdue.

Come back Blossoms! We love you!


October 27, 2010, 2:26 am
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I have a new baby. He’s just over 6 weeks old. And he’s gorgeous and darling…and it’s all so difficult.

It’s so hard to admit…when things are hard. I want to pretend. Not just because it looks good, but it feels good, too. I don’t do it very well, though…pretend. I just crack after a few hours of talking in a sing songy voice and telling myself it’s just a “season.”

What does that mean anyway? It’s just a season. Does that really make anyone feel better.  Don’t get me wrong, I say it to myself. But it doesn’t help because then I just yell back from the other side of my brain “BUT it’s still happening!” This season is now and I’m tired of the acorns thumping me on the head. Eh. I know I sound ridiculous.

I do find another cliche to be completely accurate, though. “When it rains, it pours.” For me, truer words were never spoken. It is always on the day that the baby is gassy, Coltan is fussy, I’m moody, I get peed on and spit up on, the dog pees in the house…it is on THAT day that I also step on a matchbox car, can’t fall asleep at night and trip up the stairs.  This is just plain truth.

So I consider myself to be coping. Gosh, I hate how that sounds, because I looooooove my kids and am so in loooooove with Sam. But truth be told, these infant weeks are so hard. And then life throws more layers on top of it and you just find your self closing your eyes and shaking your head like”What in the world. No one person can possibly take this!.” And then tomorrow comes…another week goes by. We keep moving because that’s what we do. That’s what I’m doing. I’m coping but you know…I think I’m doing it pretty well.

bio freeze
March 6, 2010, 1:38 am
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I use this stuff called BioFreeze on my sore shoulder/neck area.  I guess it’s a kinder version of Icy Hot and it doesn’t smell quite as elderly. I’ve had a strange persnickety muscle spasm since my first desk job post college. I now take it as an early sign that I was not created for a desk job. Rather than make me go numb like the BioFreeze, sitting at a desk raised all the discontent hairs on my body and agitated me to the point of rebellion…or at least to the point of finding a different job.

I’ve been using a lot of BioFreeze lately.  I get a weird ache when I use my computer…like now.  And when I watch television…like 10 minutes ago. I think my body is like the tiny buds I see on the trees on my street…they are ready for spring to arrive…getting a little impatient while the wind forces them to stay closed.  Since college when I could watch people walk around campus, I look forward to that first day when the warmer weather is going to stick around.  People start to change their posture…heads are up and hatless, shoulders are no longer hunched, arms are unwrapped from the angry hug they’ve held to keep the coat snug all winter.  We’ll soon smile and look at each other and remember there is life out there when we aren’t ducking from the cold.  My shoulders are ready to un-hunch. I’m ready to be un-numb.

productivity is always a warning sign
August 10, 2009, 6:06 pm
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On a roll…kept going…decided to touch up the kitchen paint…so proud of myself (red flag #1)…slathered on that pale blue all over the scuffs where highchair used to be…oh let me just get a few more I see….hmmmm…stepping back…sure looks darker when it’s wet….I’ll move the fan to dry it faster…wait, wait, WAIT….NOOOOOOO…this can’t be…check paint can…name of paint…RIVER ROCK…sounds about right but I thought it was ICY something or other…is there a date on this…things are clicking…but no, this wouldn’t happen…I made sure to grab the right can…oh no…paint mixed in 2009…this room was painted in 06…where is there another blue like this…quick mental scan of the house…oh BOLLOX! (ok that’s censored) the MASTER BATH..defeat…no, the right can must be down there…run run…sweat sweat…slosh slosh…the air conditioner is leaking again…rummage rummage, please please….no no no NO.  crap.  Home Depot this afternoon it is.  Nothing is ever easy.

Photo 77

I’m a professional
July 25, 2009, 6:14 pm
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I heard two friends talking.  One said to the other, “She’s a professional Organizer.  She’s amazing.  She’s done all of my closets.  It’s awesome.”

I have no doubt she’s amazing and it’s awesome.  But what a weird thing.  We have so much stuff we need someone to organize it.  Isn’t this kind of ludicrous.  I’d love for someone to make sense of my pantry, redo the shelving in my storage closet, find the bottom of my dresser drawers.  But I know in about 2 weeks that beautiful organization would soon become my beautiful disaster…because that’s how I roll.

The notion that we have professionals who come into our homes and organize really seems indicative of our excess, our overindulgence, our need to trim the fat.  I’m not being judge-y.  I forgot to mention I heard this conversation at a garage sale while I was looking for more stuff…stuff I don’ need. I turned away from the giant vintage iron milk jug immediately.  But I still kind of wish I had bought it.  Then, I’d need an interior space planner to help me figure out the best spot for it.

So, there are professional organizers…and a quick google search showed me there is a National Association of Organizers and a Board Certification for the trade.  I’m all but certain the founding members of this trade are a bunch of older sisters. This had to be the brain child of an older sister just like mine…who begrudgingly had to share a room with me, the messy little sister for 10+ years.  I have a treasure box of memories that include cat fights over my blacklight poster menagerie, “bonding”sessions instigated by Lisa pulling everything out from under my bed so we could organize together (yippee), and nearly breaking my tailbone while falling on her freshly pledged her side of the wood floors.  I mean, we just tortured each other…but we loved it.  She was the babysitter who alphabetized your CDs, DVDs and soup cans when the baby went to sleep. She has scrap books and photo albums.  I have digital photos and aspirations. To this day, when I have a closet that needs an overhaul…I know who to call.

So, look at me.  There I was thinking those ladies so silly for having a professional Organizer and I’ve had one my whole life.  Thanks, Lisa!

Beautiful Prayer
May 27, 2009, 1:04 pm
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One of my favorite authors wrote that the two best prayers are, “Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.” and “Help me. Help me. Help me.”

I continue to find that incredibly profound, and when the guilt of lack of prayer creeps in and combines with my unfounded pressure to be eloquent in prayer, I stop and just say.

Thank You. (breathe)

Thank You. (breathe)

Thank You!


Help me! Help me! Help me!

now THAT’s funny
May 8, 2009, 12:44 pm
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I wish I were funny.

I was at a brainstorming meeting last night. The 3 guys there were really really funny.  They’ve kind of made a career out of humor.  It is a gift I don’t have.  Wit, sure.  Sarcasm, unfortunately yes. But funny…not so much.  These guys had my stomach hurting at times and they were just chatting.

Thought I would share their blogs so you can get a laugh to day…

Jon Acuff’s Stuff Christian’s Like

Tripp Crosby

Tyler Stanton